Public or Private channels

There are Private and Public channels in Haiilo. You can choose the visibility of your channel while you are creating it.

Public channels

Public channels are visible to everyone in the channel list. This means that any user in your platform can find and subscribe to the channel and thus see its published content.

Private channels

Private channels can only be seen by users invited to join the channel. Users without an invite to the channel cannot find it in their channel list and, therefore, cannot subscribe to it and see content from that channel. Private channels enable you to create content that should only be visible to specific users or teams. If you set a Private channel as Essential or Default, users will be auto-subscribed to it.

Private channels are hidden from Company Admins, too, unless they are added as a Channel Manager for the channel. If no Channel Manager is assigned to a private channel at the time of creation, the person who creates the channel will automatically become the Channel Manager for it. However, if a Channel Manager is assigned to the Private channel at the time of creation, only the Channel Manager that was added during creation will see the channel.

A Private channel cannot be edited and changed to a Public channel later. This also means that Haiilo's Service Desk cannot change your private channels to public or give you access to a private channel on your platform. By their nature, Private channels are and remain private.

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