Archive and Delete posts

As an Admin, you can archive or delete posts in Haiilo by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of a post and selecting either Archive or Delete.

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Archive posts

  • When you archive a post, it is moved from the Published feed to the Archived feed.
  • By default, users cannot access the Archived feed to view archived posts
  • Admins can visit the Archived feed to view older posts.
  • The date displayed on a post on the Archived feed is the date it was archived. The feed is sorted by most recently archived descending.
  • Admins can reactivate posts from the Archived feed. When a post is reactivated, it will appear as a newly created post on top of the Published feed.
  • All posts are set to archive automatically in Haiilo per your Post settings. In the settings, you decide how many days a post appears on the Published feed before it is archived.
  • When a post is archived, all analytics it has gathered remains (e.g., reads, shares, clicks, reactions) and will display in the analytics in Haiilo

Delete posts

  • When you delete a post, it is permanently removed from your Haiilo domain
  • Users can delete their own created posts on their My Posts page
  • Company Admins can delete any post on the Published or Archived feed. Proposed posts can only be rejected, and rejected posts cannot be deleted.
  • A deleted post cannot be restored.
  • Posts will not be deleted automatically in any set time and cannot be set to delete automatically in Haiilo.
  • When a post is deleted, all analytics it has gathered is removed (e.g., reads, shares, clicks, reactions) and will not display in the analytics in Haiilo.

It is always recommended to archive posts instead of deleting them, as any analytics gathered on posts that are deleted will be lost from the platform analytics and cannot be restored.

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