Creating an Article post

You can create an Article post on Haiilo by writing your own title and body text and uploading your own image. The article layout is blank to allow you to write and create your own article freely.

When an article post is shared on social media, external clicks redirect to a microblog showing your Haiilo platform's logo and the article's content. The URL of the microblog has the format

Step 1: Add text and an image

  1. Select Article in the Create a post box at the top of the feed
  2. Add a title for your post
  3. Write your text. You can use the rich text editor to format your text and apply styles. You can also add hyperlinks and bullet lists
  4. Optionally, upload an image for your post
  5. Select Next

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 10.52.50.png

Step 2: Configure

  1. Select the channels where you want your post to appear. You must add at least one channel, but you can add multiple channels.
  2. Set the post's language. The language is automatically set based on the content of the post, but we recommend verifying that the language is correct.
  3. Add a campaign for your post. This option is only available for admins.
  4. Enable or disable comments for your post. This option is only available for admins.
  5. Select an audience: External sharing or Internal reading. External sharing means the post can be shared on social media. If you choose External, you can also:
    1. Select the social networks that the post can be shared on
    2. Write recommended messages for each network. You can write multiple messages by selecting the + icon or, if activated for your platform, use AI to generate sharing messages.
    3. Define points per network that users receive for sharing the post. This option is only available for admins
  6. Optionally, enable additional options, such as read confirmation, featured posts, or notify users immediately. These options are only available for admins.
  7. Select Next

Step 3: Confirm

  1. Optionally, write comments or an explanation for your post. These comments will be displayed above the post when it's published and will only be visible internally within the platform, not when shared on social media. We suggest using this field to inform your users why they should share the post on their social networks.
  2. If you want to delay the post's publication, select Schedule and define a date and time for it to be published. This option is only available for admins. Scheduled posts show on the Scheduled feed until they are published. 
  3. Once you are happy with your post, select Done to submit the post. Unless you scheduled it, your post will be published immediately.
    • If you are a user, your post will need to be approved by an admin before it is published.

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