Giving feedback on posts

As an admin or channel manager, you can provide feedback on the posts that users propose in the Proposed feed. You can leave feedback under each post on the Proposed feed or when rejecting a post. Any feedback given is visible to the author of the post and the admins and channel managers.


Give feedback on a post

  1. Select the Leave feedback placeholder under a post
  2. Write your feedback. For example, you can ask the user to edit the post's content and resubmit it, or give a reason for why you're rejecting the post.
  3. Select Post

When you give feedback on a post, the user who created the post receives an email notification. The user can respond by opening their My Posts page from the email. If a user responds, the admin who sent the original feedback receives an email notification of the response. Users can also respond to the feedback on rejected posts.

Other admins and channel managers can see the feedback in the Proposed feed but will not receive emails about new responses. Only the participants in the feedback thread will receive notifications about new comments.

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