Give feedback

As an Admin or Channel Manager, you can give feedback on the posts that users propose on the Proposed feed. You can leave feedback in the Feedback section under the post:


Feedback can be given on any post in the Proposed feed. You can, for example, use the feedback section if you are planning to reject a post and want to provide the user with a reason for the post being rejected, or you can let them know if there was something incorrect in the post. Any feedback given is visible to the author of the post and the admins and channel managers.

When someone provides feedback on a post, the author of the post will receive an email notification. If the author wishes to respond, they can easily access the My Posts page on Haiilo by clicking the button in the email. From there, they can reply to the feedback in the Feedback section below the post.

The admin who sent the original feedback will then receive an email notification with the user's response. Other admins and channel managers can see the feedback in the Proposed feed but will not receive emails about the feedback. Only the participants in the feedback thread will receive notifications about new comments.

Users can respond to the feedback even if the post has been rejected. Users are able to edit proposed posts that are still pending. 

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