Re-notify users of published content

The Re-notify users feature is only visible if it has been enabled for your company Haiilo domain.

Users with publishing rights can send an instant email notification to remind users about a published post. Unlike the Notify users immediately option available during post-creation, this instant notification is for content that has already been published.

To send an instant notification after publication, select Notify all recipients next to the calendar icon on top of a post on the Published feed:

notify users repeatedly advocacy.png

The possibility to notify users after publishing is only visible to users with publishing rights, such as Company Admins, Group Admins for their group, and Channel Managers for their channel.

A new instant post notification will be sent to all users subscribed to the channel(s) the post is published in. If a post is still pending for selected channels, the notification is not sent to users subscribed to the channels in which the post is still pending.

There is no restriction on how many times an instant notification can be sent per post, so an admin can re-notify users on a particular post multiple times.

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