Editing a proposed post

As a user, you can edit a post you have proposed as long as the post is still pending. After editing it, you can resubmit it for approval again. You can find your created posts on your My Posts page. A proposed post can only be modified using the browser version, not the mobile app.

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Edit a proposed post

  1. Select My Posts at the top of your feed.
  2. Select Edit and Resubmit under a post.
    • If you cannot see this option, your post has already been reviewed and you can no longer edit it.
  3. Edit the content and settings of your post. The audience and image/video cannot be edited for image and video posts.
  4. Select Done on the last step when you're done editing 

Your post will be resubmitted to the admins for approval in the selected channels. A new proposed post notification will be sent to the admins.

Once a post has been published or rejected, the creator cannot edit and resubmit it for approval. After a post has been published, only admins can edit the post.

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